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Tryzub means trident, it is the coat of arms of Ukraine

It symbolizes the national identity of each Ukrainian as well as Ukraine’s millennium long fight for freedom. The largest tryzub in the world is in the brickwork of our four-story building. Here, you can admire thousand-year-old historic artifacts as well as handmade embroidery and wood inlays while you peruse photos and Ukrainian books from personal family archives.

2201 W Chicago Ave
Chicago, Illinois 60622,

  • 05/31/2016Tryzub was opened in 2016

    as a culinary and cultural gem of Ukraine in the USA.
  • Our mission

    is to showcase a modern version of the rich and diverse flavors of Ukrainian cuisine and present Ukrainian art, history and authentic culture in a pleasant, sophisticated way.
  • Tryzub’s kitchen is a wonder place

    where we synthesize new complex flavors based on the Ukrainian comfort food memories brought from home.
  • Famous for house infused spirits

    and continuing the unique centuries-old Ukrainian custom of infusing home brewed beverages. Our house infused spirits include traditional offerings as well as dozens of innovative combinations.




Varenyky (Pierogi) are a cornerstone of Ukrainian cuisine dating back to antiquity. At the inception of our restaurant, we were the first to make varenyky shells of different colors using only natural juices and spices, with each color shell containing a creatively inspired
filling. In a day and age where most varenyky are machine-made and mass produced, our traditional method of manual dough stretching sets us apart. Hand-made from start to finish, this labor-intensive process yields unparalleled results. We hope you enjoy our most
delicate and delectable flavorful masterpieces.

RED Beef Tomatoes Pickled Peppers

GREEN Mushroom Kraut

ORANGE Pork Port Plums

YELLOW Potato Dill Onion

World's Biggest Tryzub Outside

Best Modern Ukrainian Inside

Authentic experience

Family owned and serving Ukrainian cuisine with a fresh modern twist, everything is handmade in house of the best ingredients.

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    Our story

    Tryzub Ukrainian Kitchen proudly represents the best of Ukraine

    The largest country and breadbasket of Europe, the birthplace of: “Carol of the bells,” the first constitution in the modern world, the first helicopter, and an empire with a thousand-year history and tradition of love, hospitality, and sharing delicious cuisine and drink.

    We highly support Ukraine in this difficult time of yet another genocidal russian invasion. We are looking forward to a complete victory for Ukraine, restoration of all her lands, full reparations by the terrorist russian state, and a total triumph of democracy and justice in the modern world. Glory to Ukraine! Glory to Ukrainian Heroes!

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    Kyiv was founded


    Tryzub Ukrainian Kitchen celebrates its 500th anniversary 

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    2201 W Chicago Ave
    Chicago, Illinois 60622,

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