We offer you traditional Ukrainian cuisine with a fresh modern twist, adorned by the natural colorful components that we hope will help us eat healthfully and strengthen our connection to mother nature's pantry.

Try the Ukrainian-style Pierogi's, handmade daily in our kitchen. You'll love the Potato Pancakes and Palyushku, or get a little more adventurous and dive into the traditional Goulash.

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Pierogis | Традиційні

Traditional | Традиційні

Potato, cheese, sour cream and onion.


Red | курячі

Braised chicken, roasted peppers,sun-dried tomatoes, dill aioli nestled inside a beet infused pierogi






Orange | свинні

Tender pork, onions, mushrooms, porcini sauce nestled inside a carrot infused pierogi


Green | капустяні

Kale,white beans, green peas and bryndza in a kale infused gluten free*  buckwheat pierogi



Crepes | Млинці

Chicken | з курятиною

Braised chicken, white mushroom and red onion


Salmon | з лососем

House smoked salmon with farmer's cheesе and green onion



Vegetarian | з шпинатом та бринзою

Spinach,  tomato sauce and bryndza


Soups & Salads | Салати

Soup of the Day | Зупа дня




Summer Borscht | Холодний літній Борщ

Traditional favorite served cool with a refreshing garnish of cucmber and dill kefir


Winter Borscht | Борщ Український

Purple cabbage, black lentils, sour cream and a blend of our secret ingredients



Kale Salad | Київський

An enticing combination of kale, roasted beets, heirloom tomatoes, bryndza and walnuts


Hutsul salad | Гуцульський

Cucumbers, red onion and tomatoes with a sour cream dressing on a bed of mixed greens.



Chicken Salad | Наталка Полтавка

Delicate blend of chicken, potato, egg, pickle ,red pepper, apple and celery



Summer Salad | Літний

Intriguing mix of farmer's cheese, egg, green onion, radish and red pepper



Small Plates | Закуски

Cauliflower Florets | Цвітна капуста з гострою поливкою

Delectable cauliflower morsels battered and pan fried served with spiced honey and pepper sauce


Potato Vegetable Pancakes | Картопляники з зеленню

Potato pancakes blended with a fresh twist of scallions, carrots, red peppers



Stuffed Peppers | Перчики фаршировані

"Hutsul colors" mini-peppers, pork and black rice stuffing sprinkled with bryndza and a paprika sauce



Roasted Eggplant | Смажені баклажани, помідори та бринза

Sumptuous eggplant, bryndza and garlic roasted in tangy tomato sauce



Fried Ukrainian Dumplings | Смажені палюшки зі свининою

Delicious fried potato our and pork “mini-knudels”



Smoked Salmon Canapes | Канапки з лососем

Smoked salmon, horseradish beets and green onion served on a Ukrainian toast



Housemade Charcuterie | М’ясна закуска власного виробництва

Kielbasa, pate’, salo (pork belly) served with pickled vegetables, cossack mustard, horseradish and black rye toast.


Entrées | Головні страви

Chicken Paprikash | Закарпатський паприкаш

Tender chicken, red peppers, sun-dried tomatoes seasoned with carpathian paprika atop Ukranian noodles


Mama Gena's Pork Burger | Свинний бургер Мами Евгенії

Swiss cheese, mushroom, smoked porkbelly and truffle aioli, served on a pretzel bun


Ukrainian Kabobs | Шашлик "Як треба!"

Choice of grilled сhicken or pork marinated skewer


Stuffed Cabbage | Голубці від сучасної бабусі

Tasty pork and black rice wrapped in special cabbage, nestled in a roasted tomato sauce


Goulash in a pot | Гуляш у фірмових глечиках

Slow braised flank steak  with Ukrainian noodles, charred peppers and paprika sauce


Aunt Nyska's Schnitzel | Відбивна Тети Нусі

Succulent pork marinated in our secret sauce, pounded thin and breaded, served with a pickle


Cossack Braised Pork Shank | Тушкована свинина

Mouth-watering slow braised pork shank with a vegetable garnish



Carpathian Steak Roulade | Королівський крученик

Flank steak, red peppers, smoked swiss, horseradish pesto and pumpkin seed



Banosh | Банош

Fine ground carpathian polenta with mushroom and porkbelly



Sides | Гарніри


  • Buckwheat w/ Mushroom Gravy | Гречка з грибами | $5.00
  • Village Potato Wedges | Картопля по-селянськи | $5.00
  • Sauerkraut | Квашена капуста | $5.00
  • Grilled Vegetables | Городина гриль | $5.00
  • Black and White Race | Чорний і Білий Рис | $5.00
  • Mashed Potatoes | Картопля пюре | $5.00